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Most of the information is self explanatory but you might shorten your learning curve a little by reading this page.

  • At the top you see Home, Feedback, Message Board, etc.  Pretty much self explanatory
  • On the left of each page you will find the East Coast States.  Each one takes you to a complete list of that states Harbors/locations.  Let us know if you have any additions/corrections to these lists?


When you leave the HOME page and click on "ONE PARTICULAR HARBOR" you go to a harbor page.  The top and the left side of all harbor pages are the same.  Below the Harbor/Locations name you find:

  • Local Info:  This is a page where information on the "harbor" is entered.  If you enter some local knowlegd on the Message board which we don't already have it will be added here.  There will also, eventually be a chartlit on each harbor on this page
  • Northbound/Southbound:  These links will take you to the "next" harbor North or South.  You can start at any location and work your way "North" or "South" from Camden, Me. to Key West, Fl.
  • Message Board: This link takes you to the message board for the harbor page you are on.  We really want your comments so come early and often.  If you supply new info we will add this information to the "Local Info" site for that page.
  • Chamber of Commerce:  A link to the Harbor/location Chamber of Commerce.  We have found these sites often provide great local information.
  • Weather:  A link to Weather Underground  giving you the weather for this specific Harbor/Location.

Marinas, Restaurants and Services are for the Harbor Location.  Any suggestions for new items are welcome.  Find a marina or anchorage not mentioned, let us know about it?

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