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Tuesday, June 17 2014

If you read this kindly say Hey, how ya doin????

Where you at?  Why?  What kind of a boat do you have...  Let's get this blog going...  It's here for you, not me.  I'm an old retired sailor that has done it once and am about to do it again....  10 years south of the Bahamas...  Anything new down there since 2005????  Fill us all in with your esperience.  Put it here on Water Way Net so all can see it and comment...  Permanent log that you don't have to worry about being erased....

Later, capt gene..

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Saturday, May 17 2014

May 12, 2014

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Monday, March 31 2014

Hi all.  Our Blog is one for you, not us.  It alows you to comment amoung yourselves.  

Feel free to ask questions and/or give answers....

Do you have a favorite Marina you'd like mentioned?   How about a Great Locals Restaurant that we don't have on the site yet?

Start commenting on what you 'want' this site to be.

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Friday, August 30 2013

No one's been here lately!!  Kindly at least say hi if you get here?   If we get comments more folks will at least say hi....  Thanks.

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Sunday, January 20 2013
 How would you like some free Dockage on the I.C.W.?  We're working on it with some of our Advertising Marinas!  I.C.W. Card Holders will, when you're going to be cruising, be able to apply for them as they come in....  I'm working on how it will work but the 'point' from the Advertisers view is to bring in New business...  

While we're on the subject of our new cards I'm also trying to get Fuel Discounts along the way also..  Finding some resistance but sooner or later it will happen.

Remember to mention Water Way Net when you stop in to visit our Advertisers.  Remember, they keep us on line...

More to follow
Capt. Gene

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Wednesday, January 09 2013
 Boat Shows site.....  

Just in case you need to know where they are... Enjoy
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Wednesday, January 09 2013
Check out a New Couple sailing south...Named "Sailing Simple Life"

et us know what you think about their 'adventures'...
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Thursday, October 06 2011

""Well, the dredging of Matanzas River in the vicinnity of Fort Matanzas is finally complete.  You now have 14+ feet depth in the middle of the river at low tide.  don't try to find the bouys and day marks that show on your charts or on your GPS - They're not there anymore.  Just proceed "up the middle" and you'll be fine.

Capt. Jon - Palm Coast""

Thanks to Capt Jon. 

Now, listen up folks:::  while it is called Matanzas Inlet on your charts/GPS it, for all practicality, can't be used by ""ANY sail boat"" or any Power Boat..........   Very low bridge that you just can not get under.

That said, it is a great Ancorage now that it's been dredged, from the I.C.W. side.  One of Mary and my favorite 'Water Side" Restaurants is there.  Matanzas Inlet restaurant......  There's no dock but a great little beach at the Restaurant you can pull your Dink up on....  Try the Steamed Oysters for a starter while you look out over the anchourage....  Capt. Gene

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Wednesday, July 13 2011

The dredge has moved north from the Marineland area to the Matanzas River adjacent to the Matanzas Inlet and is currently abreast of Red -82 daymark. The Coast Guard has removed the following aids to navigation buoys (red) 80 alpha and bravo and (green) 81 alpha, bravo, and Charlie. As a result there are NO aids to navigation in the worst area of the ICW (the area between 82 and 80) If you are northbound, pass close to the dredge, turn to port and follow the curvature of the WEST shore – staying about 100’ off  the shoreline. Once you come abreast of Red 80 you can head back to the center of the marked channel.


Capt. Jon

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Saturday, June 25 2011

Dredges are currently working the ICW immediately north of Marineland (which, by the way, is finally re-building the Marina docks that were destroyed several years ago). Keep a sharp watch… the channel is narrow enough without a huge dredge in the way.


When they finish with the area north of Marineland they will relocate to the much-needed area of the Matanzas river adjacent to the Matanzas Inlet. They will be dredging from about “Red 80” to about “Red 82.” In the meanwhile, when transiting the area, keep within about 125’ of the western shore between “82” and “80”. Basically, ignore the green markers – they will lead you astray.

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