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Monday, May 03 2010
We have a few new advertisers.  If you find yourself in their areas stop in and say Hi.  Some are giving us discounts if we ask.  Mention WWN and tell them you're a member.  The Cards aren't finished yet but soon will be.  At that point you will all receive a Jpeg of the member ship Card.  There will be a 'signature' and a 'name' space on each card.  If you have 'photo-shop' capabilities you can ad your name to the 'original', if not just neatly Print your name in the proper space and sign.  We will be issuing Unique Numbers before we mail them out so you will also have a 'members' # to give the Card legitimacy.

We're slowly getting information from you boaters.  Why not, right now, tell us where you are and your plans for this summer cruising?  Also your favorite Restaurants?  Do you know a 'boat repair' person in your community?  Why not give us their name and phone number so we can ad them to our list?
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